Thursday, October 25, 2012

Daily Challenges of PBL

In this video, teachers discuss the daily challenges of PBL and their trails and errors.

Daily Challenges of PBL


This case shows the collaboration between teachers and how they debrief on the challenges of managing technology and projects in their classrooms.

At first PBL was just random and there was no best practices,  There was a refining period that required teachers to collaborate.  Expeditionary learning projects require teachers to make it first and feedback and reflection from students at the end of a project is critical because teachers can refine projects. Scheduling is the biggest challenge, and deadlines are a challenge because there needs to be flexiblilty. The use of laptops are key and necessary.  Research for students is organized by teachers and holds kids accountable.         Developmental appropriate materials for all learners is a challenge (both on-line and off).

In conjunction with David Grant's interview, a big piece that I took from these shared reflections was that best practices cannot be used at random by teachers, but shared and unified throughout a staff. Likewise, on-to-one laptops are critical for PBL success. Also, teacher created products up front before a project are necessary.

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