Thursday, October 25, 2012

Google Maps and PBL

In this PBL video, students are synthesizing various disciplines together to create a 12 week long project for display to the community. It incorporates many features, but most impressive is the use of GoogleMaps.

Google Maps PBL


This case shows the value of GoogleMaps and how it can be incorporated into social studies.

Students used GoogleMaps to trace local art throughout the city and create a virtual walking tour that is published online. This required students to work in collaborative teams and visit sites, research their creations and photograph them. They then wrote about each and connected them together on GoogleMaps.

I never thought about using GoogleMaps in social studies, and I'm a social studies teacher. I don't even know how to use GoogleMaps.

I could see using this in my classroom. However, local history and geography has nothing to do with any middle-school history standard. Where is the justification for such a project. I think it's totally a social studies project, of value, and more important than state standards. Where does one get such freedom and choice to do such a project?

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